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Security Design, Implementation and Assessment

Network Management and Optimization

In its course of providing customers with customized solutions for their everyday business needs, Telesma has singled out certain applications as products that can benefit a wider audience.

When offering these products to a new customer, Telesma takes into account the customer's unique requirements so that the customer receives a solution that benefits from the experience and engineering effort that Telesma has put into the development of the original solution and at the same time has features that cater to the unique business environment of the new customer.

Telesma Hive is a biological certification workflow management system for use by organizations that provide biological certification services. It keeps track of customers, agricultural assets, certification status, etc., in order to provide efficient management of the certification process. [...more]

Telesma Sentinel is a configurable automated monitoring tool for use by system administrators to monitor systems, applications, databases, or any component of an IT infrastructure whose operation should be monitored for healthy operation. It helps automate the tedious aspect of monitoring in order to detect and anticipate problems. [...more]

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