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In Telesma Business Technologies S.A. we consider Consulting as our mean of helping you improve your company's performance, overcome business problems and in general transmitting to you our expertise and the so called "best practices" in the field, which are the result of our exposure to numerous business problems and our collaboration with a wide range of organizations, companies and customers.
In order to cope with the complex problems modern companies are facing, the experts at Telesma Business Technologies S.A. utilize innovative thinking, tailor made analysis tools and our extended knowledge base.
Based on the need that drives us we categorize consulting to Business and Technology consulting, therefore providing our customers with the most specialized and target-specific help.

Business Consulting
Business consulting satisfies the constant need for improving management and organizational effectiveness. Telesma Business Technologies S.A. takes pride in having designed, analyzed and deployed a series of BPM procedures for strategic and business planning, organizational assessment, Key Performance Indicator analysis and business re-engineering.
Technology Consulting
Technology consulting is how Telesma Business Technologies S.A. enables you to utilize high-end technology to meet your increasing IT objectives, taking advantage of new technologies and solutions. We provide the software and expertise to assist our clients managing their infrastructure, based on the current and project in the future needs, providing an action plan to cater for the company's course in the future.

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